Good customer service is rare these days, exceptional customer service is even rarer; however that is exactly what AES Technology provides. As a Property Manager it is essential that we have reliable and credible trade’s persons available to undertake maintenance repairs to the homes we manage. AES Technology has at all times conducted themselves in a professional manner and most importantly provide comprehensive and detailed quotes or invoices. AES Technology also provide critical information to the Property Manager so that it can be relayed to the owner; they respond to job requests promptly and efficiently; they also communicate with the tenants to arrange access. LJ Hooker Tuggeranong have been extremely happy with the consistency of the work produced by AES Technology and look forward to a long association. LJ Hooker Tuggeranong is pleased to be associated with AES Technology and have no hesitation in recommending them to any Real Estate or private client.

Mila Bartholomew, Property Manager
L.J. Hooker Tuggeranong
Dear Reg Just a note to thank you and Stuart most sincerely for the wonderful job you did supplying and installing LED lighting for me and my neighbour last month. The quality of your work exceeded my expectations which were already very high after the time you spent patiently explaining and demonstrating to me the pros and cons of replacing our existing halogen downlights with LED in easily understandable non-technical language. Equally as important to me was the “pain-free” installation which went ahead exactly as scheduled. Indeed, you arrived for every appointment right on time – a very rare occurrence for electricians in my experience! You also quickly rectified the one minor problem I had after the LEDs were installed; a problem which, I hasten to add, had nothing to do with either your workmanship or the lights themselves, but was caused by an existing faulty dimmer switch. Both my neighbour and I love our new LED lighting – it looks modern but is also unobtrusive. Most importantly, it is effective! We are thrilled that it is now actually possible to see in our lounge/dining areas with their 15 feet high ceilings for which our previous halogen downlighting was completely inadequate. Thank you both once again for an outstanding job. I am delighted that I came across you in my internet searching for possible halogen replacements, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who might be considering installing LED lighting or, indeed, any form of electrical work. Kind regards.

Anne Franklin
Hi Stuart, I just want to say thanks for your prompt service yesterday (the cost was pretty impressive too). I have had some horror story experiences with Canberra tradesmen – it is a pleasant change to deal with someone as decent and, in terms of customer service, as old fashioned as you. Cheers

Phil Bottaro
Stuart, Just a quick note to thank you and your team for the LED makeover. The IGNITE’s are stunning!. I was worried that the light would have an odd spectrum or that they would be directional like some of the early offerings but they are brilliant. The light quality is a cross between a fluoro and an incandescent (on the warm to white scale) without the nasty blue green tinge and the room is now noticeably brighter than it was before. The lights have a throw across the roof thanks to the inbuilt diffuser and the “instant” on factor is a great change from the CFLs that we were using. It may not be an issue for everyone but the fact that the GU10s use an ordinary appliance style plug means that should we wish to we can disconnect lights safely without recourse to an electrician and further decrease our energy usage by changing banks of three to banks of one or two. They also run at a much lower temperature in the roof space thereby lowering any fire danger. I couple of my workmates have asked if they were expensive and I said yes… but I think this needs to be qualified. 1 – We had nine halogen downlights in the array (450 watts) that we had already swapped out for CFLs (Horrid light quality and slow to come on) 2 – The new system has a predicted lifespan approximately 50 times that of a normal halogen. 3 - If we run all three banks at once (and we rarely need to) it uses 72 watts of power. Less than a single 75 watt globe. 4 – LEDs don’t have mercury unlike CFLs. I am happy with the trade off and feel VERY pleased with the result. Next step…The rest of the house!

Richardson ACT
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