New Replacement for Halogen Down Lights

For a true replacement for your old 50 Watt Halogen Lamps try the Brightgreen DR700 Retrofit is.  The DR700 will work with most common transformers installed in Australian Homes and Offices ans it is also dimmable “out of the box.”

At 10.56 Watts it uses 79% less power than your 50 Watt halogen lamp.   To safeguard against exceptional heat issues, the DR700 has its own on board temperature monitoring, allowing it to automatically dim itself to maintain its target product life and prevent the risk of fire.  With a 3 year unconditional warranty and 80% lumen maintenance to 70,000 hours* the Brightgreen DR700 is a remarkable investment.

*(80% of it’s original light output at 70,000 hours – this is 23 years at 8 hours a day usage.)

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